52 PRIME Speaking Tips – #03 of 52

There is no point without a storyTM.


Your story is the most important component of your speech.

To highlight the paramount importance of stories, I say. “When you are speaking, you have to tell a great story, because there is no point without a story

Stories are emotional glues that make your point stick in the memory of your listener.

When they remember your story, they remember your point and they are persuaded to act on your message.

Logic makes people think, but emotion makes them act! Stories evoke emotions, hence they are more effective and essential..

Therefore if you wish to be PRIME your audience (viz. Persuade, Resonate, Inspire, Mesmerise, Entertain) be ready with a great story. Here are the 7 steps to remember, to make your story captivating and memorable.

  • Make your story Unique:

Your audience  has already heard about the greatness of Lincoln, King and Gandhi. Don’t bore them with that. Instead, tell a story that they probably haven’t heard about yet. The easiest way to make your story unique is to tell a personal story. Remember, you are the sole expert in the world, when you are telling a story from your own experience.

  • Make your story Vivid:

The more vivid your story the more memorable it becomes. Remember to set the scene, introduce the characters, their types and manners.

  • Make your story Captivating:

Suspense and twists are easiest ways to make your story captivating.  Audiences disconnect if they are able to predict what you are going to say next. Remember to create suspense & twists. When there are suspense and twists, everyone makes mental guesses and wants to find out what happens next. The only way they should find out is by paying rapt attention to what you are saying.

  • Make your story Entertaining:

Use dialogues, expressions and humour in your story. Look out for a future tip on how to make your boring stories, exceptionally entertaining using the SIXPACKTM  technique.

  • Make a Point:

You would have wasted all your effort in story telling, if your story does not fit into your speech. Remember to have a learning point or message that is directly related to the story and relevant for the audience. A single story can provide multiple learning points. However, it is important for the sake of clarity and authority to highlight the single point that is related to the subject matter of your speech. Well crafted stories can provide points in an implicit manner that can be very powerful and memorable.

  • Make it Emotional:

Emotions should vary in your story. Characters in your story should portray a change in fortunes and a resultant change of emotions. No change in emotions means no effect on your audience. Delivery of your story is essential in this regard. Look out for a future tip on making impactful delivery using the EIGHTPACKTM technique.

  • Make it Useful:

A well told story with a good point is merely good. To make your story great and to make your speech memorable, you need to make it useful to your audience (remember PRIME Tip#1?). Making it useful to the audience means your audience needs to be clear on HOW they can incorporate your learning in their day to day lives. This clarity can be either implicit(not stated) or explicit(stated with clear call for action or steps to follow)

If Public Speaking is an art, Storytelling is the heart of Public Speaking. Most speakers do not realise this and write speeches that do not resonate with their audience.

– Manoj Vasudevan

When you follow these 7 steps for writing your  memorable story, you are on your way to be a speaker that audiences like to hear and rehire to inspire.

I will elaborate specific aspects of story development in future posts.

Delivery of your story is also important. Watch out for a future tip to learn how to deliver your story with impact.

Until next week, read and reflect on this tip and plan to incorporate these pointers in your next speech.

In the next tip, we will go through the best way to hook your audience

Please let me know how you felt about this week’s tip. Your opinions and suggestions are valuable to motivate me to continue this free service.

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