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Manoj Vasudevan, 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking

The True Story Behind The Glory


Manoj Vasudevan started off as a person who was extremely nervous to speak in front of an audience. From there, we went on to become the World Champion of Public Speaking, surpassing 35,000 contestants in 142 countries around the world.

Most people have no idea of his background, humble beginnings, and tedious journey.

  • Technically speaking, English is Manoj’s third language and he once didn’t have the confidence, courage or competence to deliver presentations. He had problems with clarity of speech, enunciation, and pronunciation. He was also extremely conscious of his accent that affected his clarity of speech.
  • Manoj reached out to several master speakers and coaches he could find.  He learned from their programs and invested in resources. By 2013, he had listened to, analyzed and studied every International Contest Speech he could find all the way from 1986. Yes, that was a lot of time, commitment, and money. From his long analysis, he found out that winning edge in speech contests often comes from the little things that most people fail to notice. At the higher levels of speaking, many are good speakers. Some have fabulous life experiences. Still, there is always something you can do, that can give you the edge. Focus on the things that give you the edge and makes you stand out.

           Small steps lead to large results!

  • 3 years after his disappointment with his first project speech, Manoj was speaking among the top 100 competitive speakers in the world, when he spoke at the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking, USA. Following a life-changing experience, he would return the following year(2013) to the semifinals in Cincinnati, with a better speech, but his microphone failed to work, “wasting” another year of hard work and USD 20,000 in expenses “down the drain”.

The investment pays off in spite of setbacks!

  • In 2012, he was among the top-25 stand-up comedians at the International Comedy Festival in Hong Kong. 
  • In 2015, he was crowned World #3, at the World Championship of Public Speaking in Las Vegas, amongst 330,000 member speakers in 135 countries.
  • Manoj is a sought-after international keynote speaker who is invited to speak in front of audiences as big 20,000+ and audiences as diverse as those from 140 countries.
  • Manoj is also a best-selling author and a renowned Next Level Leadership expert. 
  • In 2017, he was crowned World Champion of Public Speaking in Vancouver, Canada.



Manoj has appeared in many print media and TV channels around the world including.



How did that happen?

Manoj believes that there are 5 core skills you need to master to excel in any field. The ability to connect, communicate, network, lead, and influence. He embarked on a journey to master these by getting involved in several activities including entrepreneurship, standup comedy, theatre, writing, coaching and speaking professionally.

Manoj is generously sharing his secrets, techniques, and shortcuts that he has picked up, so that the next time you speak, you too can deliver a speech of World Class quality that leaves an impact and suitable for presentation at theToastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking.


The first SECRET is to take the PAIN OUT OF PRESENTING


without leaving a LASTING impact!

Become the speaker who WINS HEARTS AND MINDS!


Learn tips, tools, and techniques in the 

World Champion Collaborative Forum

for Toastmasters

led by

Manoj Vasudevan

Multiple award-winning International Speaker, WCPS 2017,

Among top 50 professional speakers in the world by International Speakers Summit 2017


How to MASTER the SPECIFIC techniques to win hearts and minds with every speech you deliver.


Take the road that takes your messages to the world.

  • Learn tricks directly from Manoj Vasudevan, the reigning World Champion of Public Speaking, international keynote speaker, master storyteller, standup comedian, humorist, next level leadership expert and one of the top public speaking experts in the world
  • Manoj shares the shortcuts and must-haves he learned in his journey that helped him to take part in five district International Speech Championships, make three semifinal appearances on world stage, two finals appearances and win two awards at the World Championship of Public Speaking in just 6 attempts – despite his humble beginnings! (and be invited to speak at the TM International Convention! Speak on the World stage without competing!)
  • Learn specific techniques that will shorten your learning curve and give you the edge over others by using a proven coaching program you can attend from anywhere in the World
  • Manoj shares the common rookie mistakes he noticed while coaching and mentoring, several District Champions, Semifinalists, Finalists and World Champion of Public Speaking. A contest lost is a year lost and a year of wait for the next contest. Don’t make mistakes you can easily avoid so that you can save time, money and energy. 
  • Online forum with Manoj Vasudevan, where he invests time to answer your pressing questions and gets his mentors to you to provide you additional value.

A contest lost is a year lost and a year of wait for the next contest. Don’t make mistakes you can easily avoid.

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You will learn shortcuts and heavy doses of inspiration that will save you time, effort and resources.


What do you get with the World Champion Collaborative Forum for Toastmasters?

  • Manoj reveals why the objectives and judging criteria should not be the primary basis for your speech preparation and what you need – to excel on the international stage. 
  • Learn the UNWRITTEN rules of competing. Pick up little-known secrets of the judging process and why knowing the game influences the outcome.
  • Master two powerful World Class International Speech Contest speech-crafting techniques (ERP method and 7 STEPS TO STARDOM) that make your speeches authentically resonate with your audience, make the message stick and be remembered for years.
  • Pick up shortcuts to effective delivery that saves you tons of time and instantly resonate with your listeners.
  • Speaker Check list for Content and Delivery that keeps you focused and covered.
  • Inspirational stories and anecdotes that keep you inspired to excel.
  • Ready-to-use speech-making templates that saves you time, makes your message sharp and keeps you focused to craft a world-class contest speech or project speech
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Wait, There is more!

NEWLY ADDED study material. Updated for 2017!

  • Humor techniques used in the World Championship award-winning viral speech WE CAN FIX IT
  • Emotive Storytelling techniques used in the speech “Pull Less, Bend More”
  • Delivery secrets behind the “Three Magic Words” speech, that always rocks and wins!
  • You get access to all training videos, templates, and the bonus videos.
  • BONUS online forum with Manoj Vasudevan
    • Do you think some topic is not covered? Have a question on project speeches for which you need an expert answer?
    • Get on the online forum where you can ASK your questions relating to the international speech contest and contest preparation. Manoj will personally review the questions many times a month and answer your questions in the online forum. You can also get input from other members in the forum.
  • Learn anytime from the comfort of your home or during your commute.
  • NEWLY added: Body language and staging techniques used in the speech that got Manoj a spot in the finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking, two times in a row.

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  • Manoj’s entire life learning captured, organized and made available in an easy to master format.
  • All organized for you with step by step sequences so that you can access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Gain Confidence and Competence at your Convenience.
  • Collaborate for Excellence

Why should you seek this advice?

Manoj has been

  • World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Mentor for Champions in many Districts, at all levels of the contest right from club to the World Champion of Public Speaking
  • District Champion for International Speech, District Champion for Humorous Speech, District Champion for Evaluation Speech
  • Four-time Semifinalist at the World Championship of Public Speaking, USA (4 appearances in 6 attempts, 2 appearances in WCPS Finals.)
  • Top-25 Stand-up comedians at the International Comedy Festival in Hong Kong
  • Included in PA Hall of fame of Humorous speakers
  • A sought-after professional keynote speaker and leadership coach
  • Counted among top 50 professional speakers in the world by International Speakers Summit 2017. Professional Member of Asia Professional Speakers (APSS).
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