The Techie’s dilemma – Persuade or be penalised!

Are you really an expert or merely an order taker?

Does the meeting situation below feel familiar?

Have you been complaining about your company culture OR

Have you been taking control of your destiny to realize your TRUE potential?

Stop and take a look at your life.

Technology professionals from across all major industries have benefited from our targeted one-on-one private coaching.

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  • Learn to express your thoughts, ideas and view points, clearly, confidently, convincingly
  • Learn to deal with difficult people at work
  • Learn to Network and increase your Net worth.
  • Learn the scientific strategies of influence that can further your career
  • Learn how to push forth your ideas and persuade others, before your next presentation
  • Lighten your corporate life by heightening your sense of humour
  • Learn to negotiate without fear or arguments
  • Pick up the career-boosting and life-changing selling skills which most professionals lack
  • Improve your visibility by accelerating your speaking skills
  • Learn to handle difficult people, before they make your life difficult
  • Get a career mentor to prepare you and propel you to realize your potential.

You have invested in the latest technologies.

Now, Invest in your future.

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Persuade and Prosper!

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