Diversity before Adversity

A thought-provoking,  emotionally-engaging and game changing talk on

Diversity at the workplace

 Diversity before Adversity

Purpose of Talk

This engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking talk will expose you to

  • Determine the diversity quotient of your workplace
  • Drive a game-changing message to your team to ensure inclusion, engagement and collaboration
  • Let your team be aware that they should not only tolerate diversity or encourage diversity, but they you should embrace diversity
  • Learn that diversity is not just ethical or logical, it is both essential and economical
  • Ensure engagement of employees and collaboration between groups
  • Develop collaborative leaders who can embrace diversity and creatively encourage diversity

Comments from some participants from previous talks

I was knocked out by your first question itself. Your speech was very thought-provoking. There is lots I need to do. Thanks for changing my perspective in such a short time.

Senior Manager, Major Bank

It was a fantastic speech. I never knew how behind I was on diversity.

Faculty at a famous international university

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