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The internationally acclaimed accelerated Executive Education program

for Next Level Leadership Readiness


Become a Speaker, Leader and Influencer - Faster! 

Get Coached by Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert & 

World Champion of Public Speaking

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Don't leave your future to chance. Take charge!

Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the

World. The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller – Triggers

& What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Learn to be a great leader with Manoj Vasudevan’s The Mousetrap

Way. The Mousetrap Way will teach you what it is to be a great leader 

and how to get there!

Are you aware of your areas for improvement?

  • How well do you connect with people you meet?
  • How confident do you feel in front of people in authority?
  • How able are you to influence without authority? (Influence over people who do not report to you)
  • How well are you perceived as a leader?
  • How effective are you in leading diverse teams for common goals?
  • How able are you to express your thoughts in a persuasive manner?
  • How well do people remember you after they meet you for the first time?
  • How competent and authoritative do you appear during conversations?
  • How strong is your network and influence in your industry?
  • How well do you resonate with peers, superiors and subordinates?
  • How well would your team rate you as a leader?
  • How often do you speak in a way that makes others listen to you?
  • How easily do others accept your opinions?
  • How often do you speak in a clear, concise and precise manner that captivates attention?
  • How competent are you to tell stories that engage your listener’s emotions?
  • How well do you converse in a way that connects and makes your ideas memorable?
  • How well can you speak without preparation? How proficient are you to handle Q&A with ease?
  • How able are you to project your voice and use vocal variations to maintain your listener’s attention?
  • How well do you connect with strangers?
  • How well do you introduce yourself at networking events?
  • How able are you to effortlessly connect with people in higher positions of power?
  • During meetings, how able are you to confidently express your views and effectively convey your ideas?
  • How well do you expand your professional networks without drinking, bragging or golfing? (You don't need to)
  • How well have you tamed your body language to send positive vibes and avoid negative vibes?
  • How well do you enhance your authority and increase engagement during personal interactions?
  • How well have you developed your personal brand and how well do you propagate it?
  • (Touch wood)If you get fired tomorrow, who will hire you for a better role? How long would it take?

It doesn't matter where you are now 

Focus on where you want to be


There are 5 core skills that will OPEN doors of opportunities for you, enhance your self-image and accelerate your success.

  • How to Connect instantly with people you meet
  • How to Communicate effectively so that others listen to your opinions and ideas
  • How to Network widely without golfing, drinking or bragging (saving lots of time and effort) so that you get the right help when you need it the most
  • How to Lead others by becoming the person others will admire and  follow
  • How to influence so that you can get others to accept your ideas, opinions, products/services

If you do not master these, it doesn’t matter what you master, as you will always be performing below your true potential. Fortunately, these are skills you can learn. This program teaches you how.

The internationally acclaimed accelerated Executive Education program

for Next Level Leadership Readiness


Practical techniques you can use Any day. Anywhere. Anytime.

Equip yourselves to Survive and Thrive in Turbulent Times.

Ignite your passion. Accelerate your progress!

Coached by Manoj Vasudevan 
Next Level Leadership Expert | World Champion | MBA Imperial College London

You will be guided, trained and coached personally by Manoj Vasudevan, Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert and World Champion of Public Speaking. Here is partial list of his accomplishments and accolades.

  • 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking (amongst 35,000 aspirants from 142 countries)
  • Management Consultant, International Keynote Speaker, Leadership coach, with over 20 years+ of international experience
  • MBA from Imperial College London
  • Author of International Bestseller Mastering Leadership The Mousetrap Way
  • Public Speaking Guru, Master Storyteller, Body Language Expert, Humor Guru (Top 25 Standup comedians at the International Comedy Festival, HK)
  • Among top 50 professional speakers in the world by International Speakers Summit

Participants from 12 countries have benefitted from strategies taught in ETP

What makes this program special?


High-Impact transformative techniques

High-impact thought-provoking, transformative coaching sessions based on expert scientific techniques you can use Any day. Anywhere. Anytime.


Focussed on your transformation

Minimum group size for maximum attention for your transformation. We admit only  10 participants per batch.


Accelerated Learning

100 days of compressed, comprehensive and tailored coaching and content that ignites your passion and accelerates your progress!


World Class Coach

You will learn directly from Manoj Vasudevan, World Champion of Public Speaking, Next Level Leadership Readiness expert, international bestselling author and transformational coach.

What are others saying?

One investment that keeps on rewarding....

Andrew Bott from United Kingdom participated the program to become more influential in his business he is running in Taiwan. He wanted to expand his network, speak in public and get his customers on his side. He attended the program in 2015. This video he send us in 2017, is the third testimonial we are receiving from him. It is great to know participants are able to apply the skills in a variety of complex situations. A testimony to the veracity and versatile naure of the skills.

ANDREW BOTT / Entreprenuer

"Absolute Value for Money" - Participants from ETP Bangalore 2017

What will you get out of ETP?

  • Boost  your self-confidence, self-image and build your Personal Brand
  • Get people on your side so that you can minimise conflicts and maximise opportunities
  • Learn 18 strategies you need to become the leader others admire and follow
  • Expand your Network & Influence without bragging, golfing, drinking or sacrificing family time
  • Boost your career progression by being seen as a Next Level Ready
  • Structure your conversations so that you can connect with people in authority
  • Master speaking secrets & shortcuts to stress-free and persuasive public speaking
  • Acquire your Power Presence so that you appear confident and professional in your interactions
  • Develop your Influential Voice to get others to listen to you and your opinions
  • Tame your Body Language to convey poise, power and presence
  • Impress Impromptu by responding readily to unexpected situations
  • Tell Stories effectively to have engaging conversations and lasting impact
  • Enhance your Self-Image so that you are always comfortable in your own skin
  • Master communication techniques for any occasion
  • Get other people to listen to you and agree with you
  • Handle questions, challenges and hecklers with ease
  • Be memorable, be remembered and be respected

Program Format

Professionally designed program for your personal transformation .  
High-level program flow as shown below.



The program follows a 100 day coaching and mentoring format to ensure your maximum learning, retention and transformation.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching with Manoj Vasudevan to define your roadmap for the Next Level
  • ​8 days of ETP preparatory pre-course work
  • 2 days ETP Intensive LIVE Coaching in any one of the three locations below  
  • Bangalore 14-15 July 2018
  • Singapore 16-17 June 2018
  • Dubai, UAE 14-15 Sep 2018
  • 90 days of ETP implementation through guided mastery. Coaching and Mentoring by Manoj Vasudevan 
  • *Minimum class size for maximum effectiveness.* 

    *Maximum 10 participants per batch*

    *Apply Early to avoid disappointment*

    Step by Step processes and proven techniques to help you succeed in Career, Business and Life

    Comprehensive. Transformation-oriented. Internationally-acclaimed.

    One-Stop All-In-One Transformation Program for Executives


    Seema Sonkiya joins ETP in June 2017, on recommendation of her friend. She didn’t have much idea what the program was about, but she knew she

    has to get ready for her next level. Right after the 100 days program, she was able to raise her profile and expand her presence by presenting to a

    global audience of 17000+. When asked what she thinks of ETP, She said “Absolute value for money. Complete Transformation.


    Siddiah Naidu joins ETP Bangalore after attending a Master Class by Manoj Vasudevan. Few months after

    ETP, he is seen speaking as influencer at the India Leadership Forum. When asked what he thinks of ETP, he said “Fabulous!

    Comprehensive, unparalleled 

    ​100-day transformation framework

    Preparatory pre-course work

    To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from this program you are required to complete a set of preparatory pre-course work. The details of this pre-course work would be mailed to you after your registration is complete. This can be completed remotely. (Duration: 8 days of preparation time.). This includes 1-on-1 session with Manoj Vasudevan.

    LIVE 2 day intensive coaching 

    Two days of intensive coaching session with Manoj Vasudevan in Bangalore or Singapore.

    Implementation and Guided Mastery 

    Most coaching programs ends in the classroom with little or no transformation. ETP ensures that you implement action plans through a 90 day mastermind with Manoj Vasudevan guiding you to achieve your action plan through guidance and accountability partners. Time-tested follow-up field work that accelerates your learning, retention and transformation. Followed by life-long learning, sharing, support, collaboration through exclusive mastermind with alumni and master coach.

    Partial list of organisations whose employees have benefitted from the

    strategies, techniques and shortcuts taught in ETP

    Reports from happy alumni who stay relevant
    in a changing world

    SOUROV ROY  //  Director Epicor

    Get the professional edge

    I recommend the ASP program wholeheartedly. Manoj created a positive and friendly environment. The content of the course was easy to follow and well structured. It was tailored in a way to boost the confidence of everyone in the class and build our courage and competence to stand in front of a crowd and talk.  There was a good balance of excellent teaching, practice sessions, assessments, handouts, videos and slides.   He created a tailored framework built based on his own research, experience and learning which is easy to understand and implement for everyday use. He was engaging, precise and concise. It was clear he had a vast array of experience and knowledge.  He was able to keep the attention of everyone in the classroom for the entire duration of the training. Because of the transformation, I saw in others and especially myself, I recommend the program to anyone who wants to have a professional edge, build their confidence in speaking and become better communicators in a very short time.

    SAM PARMAR  //  BHP Billiton

    SHAWN MAH  //  Great Eastern

    Must-attend learning experience

    Accelerated Speaking Program by Mr.Manoj Vasudevan is a must-attend learning experience for anyone who would like to discover and attain their full potential. During the six-week course, Mr Manoj covers various topics from the importance of physical traits like Stage presence, body language, voice control to the mental traits of connecting emotions and logic with credible information including real-life examples. The course also includes practice sessions as well as examples of exemplary talks to develop the above abilities. Mr Manoj comes across as a professional speaker who understands and communicates well the nuances of techniques for making an effective speech by adopting various structures and is able to build the confidence and self-belief in the trainees in the course of 6 weeks. I strongly encourage everyone to attend this course and apply its principles which will transform your life as it has done for me. Achutha Pai, Senior Manager

    ACHUTHA PAI  //  Director, REC Solar

    RAVI UNNIKRISHNAN  //  Director, Equinix

    Attention to each and every individual

    The most important thing I like about ASP is that it was very practice-orientedThe structure of the program was very clear and easy to follow. During each session of the program, we implemented what we learned from the previous sessions.  This practice-based approach is excellent and I was able to see improvement by the end of the program. Manoj was very interactive and charismatic throughout the program.  He gave attention to each and every individualand highlighted specific areas for improvement. That was very impressive. One more important aspect was that the tips provided during the class were easily actionable in my professional and personal life. I would definitely recommend this program for those who would love to be a better speaker, presenter or communicator.  The reason is that I can see the significant improvement I had by the end of this program in terms of self-confidence, the way I structure my speech and engage the audience. Before attending ASP, one of my major flaws was with engaging the audience.  ASP provided me with very simple tips and tricks to engage the audience.  This was one of my key takeaways from this program. If you have any other programs in the future, please do let me know. Thanks once again for a fabulous ASP program.

    GURU PRASAD  //  Hewlett Packard

    Brilliant Course

    The training value is visible every time I apply the new knowledge I learned. It is amazing how easy it is for me to be a better speaker and be more confident as a speaker. On top of it, it is actually more fun than ever before to speak and even try things out.  What makes it a brilliant course? The toolset and techniques you get into your hands are powerful for all situations. You also get to practice the learnt topics in front of a camera and get valuable feedback. The toolset guides and prepares you for different situations and goes beyond the typical communication classes elsewhere. Manoj is providing you with his experience and showing by example how to do it. The course benefits and results are quick wins and win in the long run which makes it a great investment for your future speaking and career;because communication is the top capability you need to succeed these days. 

    HEINER AHLER  // Germany // Senior Manager, Deloitte

    It's Practical and Motivational

    It was a wonderful experience and I really appreciate how you sincerely wanted to help us to improve. That’s precious cause not many are willing to spend that much of effort and time in this. All they want is our MONEY :/I was a tutor myself before, and just like you, I’d do experiments and try to improve the lessons from time to time. It takes time but more importantly, it takes a sincere heart to make the efforts. I couldn’t ask for more :). Communications is pretty much my bread and butter and I wanted to be able to speak in front of a big group without any fear. I must say I like how I have paced down tremendously and try to think and organise myself before I speak. I’d recommend ASP for others because unlike the rest of the courses, it is practical and it motivates you. Theory can be learned anywhere, from a book, from a lecturer, from Youtube, but practising the theory is a totally different story and this is the place where you can improve your skills and make yourself a better speaker. I enjoyed it very much and I didn’t want it to come to an end :/

    YVONNE YEE  //  Advertising Consultant Singapore / Malaysia

    Changed my life

    I am very glad to have gotten the chance to attend such a wonderful course. I joined this course to improve my skill and confidence in public speaking and communication. After this course, my confidence level has been improved. Now I can connect with the audience, effectively present my ideas using stories, structures and persuasion techniques. Manoj is a world-class speaker and I feel very fortunate to be trained under him. His shortcuts, techniques and methods are very practical, effective and easy to use. I have already recommended this course to my colleagues because I know how helpful this course is. It will change your life.

    AJITH NAIR  //  Harris Caprock // Singapore

    It doesn't matter where you start.

    It does matter whether you start.

    “Develop your core skills – because once you open your mouth you tell the world who you are – you can really begin to climb the ladder of success and do things that will literally amaze you!” ~ Les Brown

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