Employee Value Proposition

Stop and take an honest look at your company. Is your company really winning the War for Talent?

Why would someone choose to join your company?

What attracts employees to your company? Why would they choose to stay or leave?

What can you do to make your company stand out and make the right impression on the best talent?

A carefully crafted Employee Value Proposition(EVP) is the answer.

These days, it is not enough to just provide the best benefits, remuneration, recognition and rewards.

What does your employees get in return for their efforts, time, productivity, initiative and energy?

Are you clearly articulating “What it means to work for us?”

You need to tell a better story of your brand that resonates with your current employees and attracts potential employees.

Your story has to be clear, concise and precise.  Your employees should buy into it and spread it among their peers in the talent pool.

Your target recruits should resonate with your proposition and feel persuaded to work for you!

Now, here is the challenge!

Your EVP should not only be good, it should be far better than your top 5 competitors!!!




Stop the talent drain and be a talent magnet. Professionally craft your company’s EVP!

We can HELP you to craft a persuasive EVP!

  • Review your company’s current EVP
  • Review your company’s current policies of rewards, remuneration and recognition
  • Find out what it means to work for you (at different levels)
  • Uncover what is unique about your company
  • Find and craft stories that communicates your value clearly and convincingly
  • Craft your EVP in a way that attracts, persuades, resonates, inspires and motivates!
  • Train your key leadership team to consistently articulate your EVP in all written and spoken communications

Your organization needs to enhance its brand and reputation as a desirable place to work. Employer Branding is an essential element for creating the image of your organization as a “great place to work”. Crafting a persuasive EVP is the critical first step!

It’s your time. It’s your call. Over to you.