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Singapore, 2-3 June, 2017 2018 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


SCWO, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore

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Empower women to find their voice and be heard. Build competence. Build confidence. Find opportunities to speak.


Manoj Vasudevan has coached women from various backgrounds from 13 nationalities. He understands clearly the opportunities and challenges women face in business and in the workforce. His programs are designed for maximum impact in minimum time.

He will equip you with tips, tricks, tools, tactics, techniques and shortcuts he has synthesized over several years through research, experimentation and also experience coaching women from various levels of competencies, experiences and backgrounds.


Get others to listen to you using words, voice and persuasion shortcuts.

With the right coaching, right guidance and right practice even nervous novices have become fabulous speakers and leaders. So can YOU!

Most people look at fabulous speakers and think “Wow! He is so fabulous”, “She is excellent” without realizing that they too can be fabulous, if they really want to be.

This program is designed to build your competence into how to develop your speaking skills, so that you too can create speeches and presentations that captivate your listeners, make you stand out and discover opportunities to speak!.

Two Eventful Days Exclusively for Women

TWO days of learning that will last a life time and help you to help others.

Pick up practical techniques  and strategies you can use –

Any day.


Any time.

Her Own Voice

You will be guided, trained and coached LIVE personally by Manoj Vasudevan, whose transformation from an ordinary shy introvert into an extraordinary world class speaker and leader is a legend. He shares his learning with individuals who are committed to their self-improvement so that they can achieve in a short time what took him eight years to master from many mentors.

Your coach is

  • World Champion of Public Speaking (amongst 35,000 aspirants from 142  countries).
  • Management Consultant, International Keynote Speaker, Next Level Leadership Expert, with over 20 years of international experience
  • MBA from Imperial College London
  • Co-author of Amazon #1 Bestseller in Public Speaking (2014), in which he is featured among the top 50 World Class Speaking coaches.
  • Author of International Bestseller Mastering Leadership The Mousetrap Way
  • Master Storyteller, Body Language Expert, Humor Guru (Top 25 Standup comedians at the International Comedy Festival)
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  • Manoj Vasudevan

    Manoj Vasudevan, Leadership Coach, World Champion of Public Speaking


What do others say about Coach Manoj?

Aimee Barnes Aimee Barnes, Founder of Tangram Lab, USA “Manoj is currently mentoring me in public speaking and came highly recommended. He is an outstanding orator, humorist and storyteller who employs many unique approaches to keep audiences engaged. Above all, he is a true leader who goes above and beyond to help others grow and succeed. I look forward to learning more from the best of the best!
002ca39Diana Thomson, New Zealand “Manoj is an accomplished public speaker, who is sincere, honest and has an amazing audience rapport. He is a positive and generous coach, that provides constructive and practical advice. His clear, targeted strategies have been the key to my recent improvement and my success in speech competitions. I highly recommend Manoj and Thought Expressions to coach anyone in public speaking and presentations.

Gillian King, United Kingdom
Manoj is a true professional speaker, who exudes great levels of energy for his topic. Enthralling the audience from the moment he begins, he makes good use of the stage, humor and choice of words. An excellent mentor, Manoj has no problem maintaining the engagement of an audience throughout.
SandraSandra Friedel, Regional Head of Planning&Controlling, BASF
During the 10th Regional Symposium of the Project Management Institute (Singapore Chapter), I had the opportunity to attend Manoj’s presentation “Leadership Lessons from the Mouse Trap” which was engaging, energizing and thought-provoking at the same time. He shared with us, how confidence, ownership, communication, diversity and collaboration builds trust and enhances team work as well as make the project output sustainable. His message was clear, entertaining and inspiring and his techniques should definitely be part of every project leader’s skill set. Thank you Manoj.
We did a presentation at our offsite management meeting and we emerged as the winner against other departments.  Would like to say a big thank you for sharing the ideas and your thoughts. It helped in organizing our thoughts and flow of presentation. Alice Ong, Director, Chio Lim Stone Forest, Singapore
Wow! You gave an amazing speech! You connected it to the heart. I could feel it in my heart. Beautiful message. So Inspiring! I am glad I came tonight to hear you. I hope to become a speaker like you. Really inspiring! Thank you. Laura Barriya, Chester county, PA, USA
You are a great speaker and had my attention the whole time. Your stage presence is awesome. Demitra Hood, Philadephia, USA
That was the best speech I have ever heard. It was really inspiring. I really loved the message. Ashlyn Dych, Philadephia, USA
That was a fantastic speech. It kept me captivated the entire time. Your vocal pattern was rhythmic. Samantha Satzger. SAP Americas

YvonneIt was a wonderful experience and I really appreciate how you sincerely wanted to help us to improve. That’s precious cause not many are willing to spend that much of effort and time in this. All they want is our MONEY :/

I was a tutor myself before, and just like you, I’d do experiments and try to improve the lessons from time to time. It takes time but more importantly, it takes a sincere heart to make the efforts. I couldn’t ask for more 🙂

Communications is pretty much my bread and butter and I wanted to be able to speak in front of a big group without any fear. I must say I like how I have paced down tremendously and try to think and organise myself before I speak. I’d recommend ASP for others because unlike the rest of the courses, it is practical and it motivates you. Theory can be learned anywhere, from a book, from a lecturer, from Youtube, but practising the theory is a totally different story and this is the place where you can improve your skills and make yourself a better speaker.

I enjoyed it very much and I didn’t want it to come to an end :/

Yvonne Yee, Advertising Consultant, Singapore/Malaysia

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What to expect?


Her Own Voice is  a program tailored for you if you would like to

  • Bust the myths, boost your self-confidence and competence to connect, communicate and convince
  • Handle any fear you might have in dealing with people in person or in groups
  • Learn speaking, presentations, confidence skills from the right person, in the right way
  • Learn how to structure your business presentations in a way that resonates
  • Know how to speak off the cuff (impromptu) concisely and precisely
  • Receive expert coaching and guidance to speed up your progress
  • Correct your body language mistakes, tonality errors and avoid sending negative vibes
  • Pick up tips, tricks, techniques, strategies and shortcuts that you can use for a lifetime.
  • Structure your conversations and presentations in a way others are interested to listen to you
  • The 3 anchors of persuasion, 6 factors of influence, 6 parameters of infusion and other shortcuts to excellence
  • How to handle Questions & Answers from audience with ease
  • Transform your self-image and turbo-charge your personal life and professional life

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