8 To-Dos to make this your best year ever!

Why is that some people achieve their goals and others not? What could make you happy, accomplished and contented by the end of each year?

Here are some useful resources for you that I picked up over the years – my top 8 learnings – that immensely helped me to shift my perspective, energise my days and make quantum leaps to achieve all the goals I set. Some are repeat from earlier years and others are new or updated. 

If you choose to follow these tips, I believe you can make this year your best year ever!

These tips are free, proven and easy to implement!

Don’t  set more than 3 major goals for the year.     

Most people attempt too much and achieve too little. Then they start doubting their ability, discipline and determination. What I have found useful is to set three major primary goals for each year. You can choose to have secondary goals, but the 3 primary goals are those must-have targets where you should spend most of your resources. These are high-value goals that takes you closer to where you want to be in life, every day. Have written goals, focus on your goals and get ahead everyday. (If you need further help, check out these free resources.)


Don’t manage  your  time, manage your T.I.M.E.

People and events rob us of our time, sometimes without our knowledge. The solution is not better “TIME management”.  I have realized that what most of us need is T.I.M.E. management. You need to manage your Tenacity, Interest, Motivation & Energy to do what you set out to do. Here are three practical tips which are basic and profound.

(a) Eliminate self-made negativity.  Don’t be harsh on yourself. Other people might be doing that for you already.:-) Stay on your side! You need YOU!

(b) Whenever possible, avoid people who drain your energy, rob your time or make you doubt yourself.

(c) Seek out and mix with people who infect you with positive traits, energy and enthusiasm for life. (Please notice this: Confident, Positive, Enthusiatic individuals consciously avoid Fearful, Negative, Lethargic people.). Ask yourself – Where is the source of my energy? Connect to the source.

When you manage your  T.I.M.E., you will better utilize your time!

Adopt a Universal Perspective

Who are you? How big are your problems? Check out this viral video that will shift your perspective. It will help you to look at events/people/circumstances from what I call a Universal Perspective. When you adopt a Universal Perspective most of your problems will look tiny and manageable. You can centre yourself each day, to find clarity, energy and momentum. You are turning ON a whole new way of life. Everyone will stray away from their centre, but the Universal Perspective gets you to where you are most productive.


Listen to signals

Believe it or not, we are constantly bombarded with thoughts, ideas, “brain waves” and “hunches” that guide us along every day.  The more mentally prepared we are, the more we are ready to receive, discern and adopt what is best in our lives. If you pay attention, you will notice that there are times during your day where you are more creative, intuitive and imaginative. Those are the birth places of invaluable ideas. Milk those moments! I would recommend that you listen to the strangest secret in the world  by Earl Nightingale. It sounds old-fashioned, but it’s profound. If you make an effort to listen to this for 30 days and put into action the lessons, you will be amazed by who you have transformed into. listen2

Stay in touch

Strive to stay in touch with people who are like-minded. They will keep you on track and keep your dreams alive. That’s not only nice, that’s necessary. You can be easily distracted and taken off track by people, events and circumstances. Success is rarely achieved alone, you need people around you who can help you stay on track, to guide, to inspire and to keep you focused. If you have no one to to help you, appoint a team of “virtual” mentors – those people who you admire –  follow them, read their books, listen to their talks, follow their routines and habit. Model after your role-models – That’s the next best thing to having real mentors.


Add value to your Network

Generously share your knowledge, information and insights to people in your network and beyond!  Most people are takers. Be the giver in a world full of takers. Strive to generously give. The more generously you give, the more abundantly you are ready receive!

 Live without fear

There is lot of Negativity in our world. You hear stories and events that spread fear. Don’t get worked up and spread the fear. It does nothing to alleviate the situation. By all means stand up for your values, fight for your rights, but don’t allow fear to seep into your system. Fear can be crippling. Why struggle through life when you can choose to enjoy each moment? Why get swayed by negative news, when there has been no better time to be alive? {Hard to believe? Look for the evidence and you will begin to see it. Build a habit to write a Satisfaction Journal at the end of each day, writing only the things you are happy about and thankful for – be thankful for the small things that you usually take for granted. Take this further by starting each day with writing Morning Pages. Morning Pages are three pages of writing done every day, that can be about anything and everything that comes into your head. Use a service like 750words.com, Penzu.com or any note taking software}


An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you – Goi Nasu


Be Yourself

If you try to please everybody and try to become like somebody, you will end up becoming a nobody. Those who achieve things in life have the clarity, ability and willingness to follow their heart. Realisation and reflection is essential for transformation. Here is an exercise to get started.Write down your thoughts on the following –

What will you be doing today if you didn’t care about what others think of you?”

How are you living up to your values today?

“What is that your really want in your life?” (Not what someone else wants of you, what do YOU want)

I read this somewhere recently, “Hell” is when at the end of your life, you meet the person you could have become!

Who are you becoming as you are going through life?


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