Leader by Design

Insightful and inspiring talk based on sound research delivered with facts, stories and activities that are thought-provoking!

Leader by Design(Generic)

Purpose of Talk

This engaging, energizing and entertaining talk will

  • Help your team members know how a person becomes a leader
  • Help your employees know how they can boost their leadership potential
  • Enhances team work, ensures ownership and empowers your team
  • Encourages your team to communicate, collaborate and connect with the big picture
  • Replaces reckless competition with sustained collaboration in your team for optimal outputs
  • Increases productivity, introduces purpose and incentivizes teamwork
  • Position you to better lead your team


Comments from some participants from various industries


Manoj delivered the talk “Leadership by Design” at our office. It was incredibly engaging and gave very practical ideas on developing leadership skills. Manoj can effectively combine presentation skills and his management knowledge and experience. The participants truly enjoyed Manoj’s wonderful presentation filled with fun and knowledge.

Rashid Mohiuddin, Business Advisor at Federal Express, Singapore

Excellent story leads to BIG ideas; Games that make us think further. Yes, it is useful for all, because we are all leaders by ourselves.

Low Woon Hui

Amazing. Really informative and motivating providing deep insights and thoughts that enlightens. The lessons are infact self development tools, so I would recommend to everyone looking for leadership development.
Pawan Khanna, Credit Suisse
Profound, entertaining and memorable. Fabulous!
General Manager, Exxon Mobil
Manoj has a fantastic stage presence. He was able to engage everyone in the crowd with his humour, creative way of delivering a great lesson on leadership. Nothing to improve. It was perfect. Spot on!
Senior Director, Visa Asia Pac
Thank you very much for your speech last night. The speech was well received by all of us and an apt one for a corporate like us.
Hope to have you back in the future. Many speakers have come before, but yours were the best we have ever heard.
Senior Manager, Yokogawa