Make Your Speech World Class


Have you ever heard an amazing speaker on TV, on TED or on YouTube?

Have you ever wished you could speak the same way?

Well you could… and probably better!

Do you know the one thing all world class speakers have in common?

They don’t go it alone. They seek help, so that they look great.

Every time they speak, they come ready to make an impact and leave a mark.

Make Your Speech World Class

  “You go to the hairdresser, not because you can’t cut your hair yourselves. You go because you don’t want to look frivolous, you want to be fabulous.  Getting coached for public speaking is like getting a  good haircut – it’s an opportunity to look fabulous, not frivolous.”  – Manoj Vasudevan

Every opportunity you get to speak up, is an opportunity

  • to convince your audience to your point of view
  • to project your expertise
  • to showcase your leadership skills.

It opens doors for you in ways you never imagined possible.

 In July 2004, Barack Obama got an opportunity to speak at the Democratic National Convention, like so many others in the past 228 years of American Democracy.

However, Obama’s speech was different. His speech was well crafted, well delivered and well received. In fact, Obama’s speech was better than John Kerry’s(the Presidential nominee).

That ONE speech catapulted Obama on a trajectory that took him from the backyard of Illinois to the front yard of the White House, to become the 44th President of the United States.

It was not his position, not his experience, not his background. It was this ONE speech that boosted his fortunes as a frontrunner. Every time Obama gets an opportunity to speak, he  speaks with the intention of making a lasting impact.

Most people become average speakers or even poor speakers because they do not see the “make or break” importance of speaking up; on stage or off stage; in the office or in the community.

How are you planning to utilize your next opportunity to speak?

Most people deliver sub-standard speeches that are lifeless, meaningless and pointless. This is wastage of the speaking opportunity. You don’t have to be like them.

With little effort you too can go from Any Class to World ClassTM

Unleash your talent through personal coaching by Manoj Vasudevan, a sought-after World Class Speaker and World Class Public Speaking Coach. You will not only have a World Class Speech, you will learn how to make World Class Speeches.

This would be the best investment in your life, as it is going to take your career light years ahead of most people!

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