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Raise your words, not your voice.




  • Have you ever lost an opportunity because you could not persuasively present your ideas?
  • Have you ever wished you could overcome your nervousness, engage your listeners and convince them?
  • Have you ever wished you could make structured conversations, tell stories and never be at loss for words?

Your next presentation can be the stepping stone that transforms your career.

Make Your Presentations Persuasive


Nervous To Fabulous Master Class (Elite Edition)

Location: Singapore,

13-14 January 2018 (SOLD OUT)

8th Feb to 9th February 2018

1st Mar to 2nd March 2018

26th April to 27th April 2018 – OPEN for registration

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15th March 2018 (6:30pm to 9:30pm)

Marshall_GoldsmithMarshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World. The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller – Triggers & What Got You Here Won’t Get You There “Learn to be a great leader with Manoj Vasudevan’s The Mousetrap Way. The Mousetrap Way will teach you what it is to be a great leader and how to get there!”


Equip you with necessary tricks, techniques, and strategies of Public Speaking through focused coaching. Provide you with ready-to-use tools, templates and shortcuts for crafting, organizing and delivering Speeches and Presentations on any topic including, Sales, Dynamic Business Presentations and High Stake Corporate Presentations. Provide you with a platform to practice and get professional coaching and feedback from an expert coach and speaker.


Equips you with techniques and strategies

  • To craft presentations that meet various business purposes
  • To speak off the cuff and on the mark
  • To communicate with confidence to international audiences and senior stakeholders
  • To engage audience and captivate your listener’s attention
  • To ensure clarity of ideas and avoid confusion
  • To appeal to the emotions of your listeners
  • To express viewpoints confidently, effectively and persuasively to get others on your side
  • To handle difficult questions with ease during Q&A
  • To deliver presentations for both internal and external audiences
  • To discover immediate solutions for your personal challenges


Some of the organizations whose employees have benefited from the strategies, techniques, and shortcuts taught in this programASP




  • Participants would learn through a series of theory sessions, activities, practice sessions, case study reviews and feedback sessions.
  • During the duration of the course, you will receive individual one-on-one coaching feedback for your improvement.
  • You can choose to record and review your presentations for self-reflection, cement learning and notice your progress.


logo-final-rgbNext Level Leadership Readiness Expert.

World Champion of Public Speaking

Author of International bestsellers in Leadership and Public Speaking

MBA Imperial College London.



Strive to leave a lasting impact every time you present. Resonate with them.Persuade them. Inspire them.

Manoj in Action


Working professionals, managers, executives or entrepreneurs with a focus in sales, administration, marketing, operations or project management whose work requires them to get other people to agree with their ideas and opinions.


  • Prior experience in public speaking is NOT required. You can start from where you are – as a novice or experienced.
  • High-impact world-class high-value content tailored for immediate results.
  • Taught based on our proprietary 8-step Nervous to Fabulous Public Speaking Coaching Model which has helped participants from 27 nationalities to go beyond their anxiety to master public speaking.
  • Learn advanced high impact persuasion skills within a short time.
  • Ready-to-use shortcuts, templates and practical techniques to master your mind and master the stage.
  • Small Class size for maximum effectiveness.
  • Get instant professional coaching feedback for your immediate improvement.
  • World Class Course content designed by a World renowned expert on presentations, persuasion, influence and public speaking.
  • Learn the right things, in the right way, from a world-renowned expert, author, speaker and consultant. 

………………..It’s never going to get easier than this.

Perfect Platform to build your competence under expert coaching and guidance

We designed the program to suit your convenience and to build your competence. Following the 2 days of intensive coaching where you learn and practice all the tricks, techniques and shortcuts, you still get the opportunity perfect your skills further.

You are admitted to the next three T-Hub sessions where you will deliver presentations in front of our alumni and invited guests. Here you will get further coaching and feedback for improvement.

The coaching program, feedback structure and practice platform are designed to transform your learning into competence.

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Hear from participants of our coaching programs


I recommend the ASP program wholeheartedly. Manoj created a positive and friendly environment. The content of the course was easy to follow and well structured. It was tailored in a way to boost the confidence of everyone in the class and build our courage and competence to stand in front of a crowd and talk. There was a good balance of excellent teaching, practice sessions, assessments, handouts, videos, and slides. He created a tailored framework built based on his own research, experience, and learning which is easy to understand and implement for everyday use. He was engaging, precise and concise. It was clear he had a vast array of experience and knowledge. He was able to keep the attention of everyone in the classroom for the entire duration of the training. Because of the transformation, I saw in others and especially myself, I recommend the program to anyone who wants to have a professional edge, build their confidence in speaking and become better communicators in a very short time.

Sam Parmar, BHP Billiton



MUST-ATTEND LEARNING EXPERIENCE Accelerated Speaking Program by Mr.Manoj Vasudevan is a must-attend learning experience for anyone who would like to discover and attain their full potential. During the six-week course, Mr. Manoj covers various topics from the importance of physical traits like Stage presence, body language, voice control to the mental traits of connecting emotions and logic with credible information including real-life examples. The course also includes practice sessions as well as examples of exemplary talks to develop the above abilities. Mr. Manoj comes across as a professional speaker who understands and communicates well the nuances of techniques for making an effective speech by adopting various structures and is able to build the confidence and self-belief in the trainees in the course of 6 weeks. I strongly encourage everyone to attend this course and apply its principles which will transform your life as it has done for me. Achutha Pai, Senior Manager (Now Director REC Solar)
ATTENTION TO EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL The most important thing I like about ASP is that it was very practice-oriented. The structure of the program was very clear and easy to follow. During each session of the program, we implemented what we learned from the previous sessions. This practice-based approach is excellent and I was able to see improvement by the end of the program. Manoj was very interactive and charismatic throughout the program. He gave attention to each and every individual and highlighted specific areas for improvement. That was very impressive. One more important aspect was that the tips provided during the class were easily actionable in my professional and personal life. I would definitely recommend this program for those who would love to be a better speaker, presenter or communicator. The reason is that I can see the significant improvement I had by the end of this program in terms of self-confidence, the way I structure my speech and engage the audience. Before attending ASP, one of my major flaws was with engaging the audience. ASP provided me with very simple tips and tricks to engage the audience. This was one of my key takeaways from this program. If you have any other programs in the future, please do let me know. Thanks once again for a fabulous ASP program. Guru Prasad, Manager, Hewlett-Packard

BRILLIANT COURSE The training value is visible every time I apply the new knowledge I learned. It is amazing how easy it is for me to be a better speaker and be more confident as a speaker. On top of it, it is actually more fun than ever before to speak and even try things out. What makes it a brilliant course? The tool-set and techniques you get into your hands are powerful for all situations. You also get to practice the learned topics in front of a camera and get valuable feedback. The tool-set guides and prepares you for different situations and goes beyond the typical communication classes elsewhere. Manoj is providing you with his experience and showing by example how to do it. The course benefits and results are quick wins and win in the long run which makes it a great investment for your future speaking and career; because communication is the top capability you need to succeed these days. Heiner Ahler, Senior Manager, Deloitte
BROAD RANGE OF TOPICS The Accelerated Speaking Program is a program that covers a broad range of topics related to public speaking. The trainer is engaging and knowledgeable. I would recommend the program to aspiring speakers who want to have a quick overview of the different areas of public speaking. Ng Cher Khim, former Marketing Director, Lucent Technologies


Thank you Manoj for the great opportunity and I have learnt a lot during the six weeks and I will most probably like to participate in future sessions. For now, everyone is talking about the question I asked yesterday in the town hall meeting and seeing me in a different light. Thank you very much for holding my hand and helping me take those first steps. It feels great after a long time.

Senior Manager, Manufacturing MNC

IT’s PRACTICAL AND MOTIVATIONAL It was a wonderful experience and I really appreciate how you sincerely wanted to help us to improve. That’s precious cause not many are willing to spend that much of effort and time in this. All they want is our MONEY :/ I was a tutor myself before, and just like you, I’d do experiments and try to improve the lessons from time to time. It takes time but more importantly, it takes a sincere heart to make the efforts. I couldn’t ask for more 🙂 Communications is pretty much my bread and butter and I wanted to be able to speak in front of a big group without any fear. I must say I like how I have paced down tremendously and try to think and organise myself before I speak. I’d recommend the program for others because unlike the rest of the courses, it is practical and it motivates you. Theory can be learned anywhere, from a book, from a lecturer, from Youtube, but practising the theory is a totally different story and this is the place where you can improve your skills and make yourself a better speaker. I enjoyed it very much and I didn’t want it to come to an end :/ Yvonne Yee, Advertising Consultant, Singapore/Malaysia


CHANGED MY LIFE I am very glad to have gotten the chance to attend such a wonderful course. I joined this course to improve my skill and confidence in public speaking and communication. After this course, my confidence level has been improved. Now I can connect with the audience, effectively present my ideas using stories, structures, and persuasion techniques. Manoj is a world-class speaker and I feel very fortunate to be trained under him. His shortcuts, techniques, and methods are very practical, effective and easy to use. I have already recommended this course to my colleagues because I know how helpful this course is. It will change your life. Ajith Nair, Logistics Manager, Harris Caprock
More people need to be aware of this useful and unique program. Vice President, JP Morgan
For those who value time and quality, this course is IDEAL. You won’t need to waste time, effort, money trying to learn through trial and error when you can learn it the right way, right away from a charismatic world-class expert, who walks the talk! Just ensure that you are open-minded, committed and willing to learn. Manager, Financial Services Company

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“An effective speaker knows that the success or failure of his talk is not for him to decide – it will be decided in the minds and hearts of his listeners.” ~ Dale Carnegie, Author of How to win friends and Influence People and the Dale Carnegie Course.

Most people stay stuck with average skills that limit their career.





7 UNIQUE BENEFITS OFnervous2fabulous

  • IMPACT: High-impact LIVE coaching focusing on your transformation, not just dispensing information

  • PERSONAL: Small group size for personal attention and effectiveness
  • STAGGERED: followup practice to ensure your transformation
  • ACCELERATED: Time-tested follow-up field work that accelerates your learning, retention, and transformation

  • CONVENIENT: Intensive coaching over weekend
  • WORLD-CLASS: Coached based on a proven model by a World Class expert whose transformation from Nervous to Fabulous is legendary
  • LIFE-LONG: Learn skills you can use for the rest of your life. Transform your life through the power of public speaking.

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Nervous to Fabulous Philosophy

All fabulous speakers, presenters and leaders were once nervous. With the right coaching, right guidance and right practice they went from nervous novices to fabulous speakers and leaders. So can YOU! Most people look at great speakers and think “Wow! He is so good, She is so excellent” without realizing that they too can be great if they want to be.

It doesn’t matter where you start. It matters whether you start.