If you are a techie, been a techie or seen a techie – you can relate to the video below.

Stay ready to convey, persuade, push back 


perish under the truckload of meaningless effort.

What do you think?

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  1. This is a situation which rarely occurs in an engineering-focused environment, but rather in a creative-focused.

    Aren’t engineers creative, you might say. Yes they are, but from another perspective. The key takeaway for me is indeed the challenge of educate, inform ans inspire rather than subdue or perish. As with many aspects of conveying ideas, it’s about establishing an understanding of a subject and persistently explain where the boundaries of the possible lies. I can make rocket and go to the moon. But it will take a decade, a thousand people and eat up most of the GDP. Or we can build a triple skyscraper with a boat on top (Marina Bay Sands) as long as it achieves what we set out to achieve.

    I’d love to be put in the meeting in the video to see if I would do any better. Hopefully but not certainly.