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The Confidence Hub0

The Confidence HubTM is a platform we provide for children in partnership with The KidzParade, the premium edutainment magazine.

What & Why

  • The Confidence Hub is a club for children aimed at boosting their speaking, thinking and leadership skills so that they can build their confidence, communication and leadership potential under expert supervision.
  • The Hub is a platform for children to continually develop communication, public speaking, presentations and leadership skills.
  • We want children to be prepared for the future, to deal with people in power with poise, not panic.
  • Every Hub session will be led by a qualified Hub Coach, who will guide the participants through activities, impromptu speaking, prepared presentations, prepared speeches, conversations, discussions and reviews.
  • The participants are also encouraged to bring along their school presentations, competitive speeches or any topic of their choice so that they can do ‘real-time’ practice and receive feedbacks for improvement.
  • The children will also be introduced to Design ThinkingDesign Thinking is a concept used by creative companies like Apple to come up with creative ideas, products and services. This is an emerging concept taught at the Design School at Stanford University. Part of our facilitation is inspired by Design Thinking. This is intended to ignite their innovative spirit, critical thinking and brain storming skills.

Eligibility for Admission

Admission to the Hub is exclusively reserved for children who graduated from our Public Speaking Camp for Children. This is to maintain the standard and decorum of the Hub. There is no exception to this rule.

Frequency & Duration

Monthly, every 3rd Saturday, 9:30am to 11:00am, at 371 Beach Road, #10-03 KeyPoint

To enroll your child for the confidence hub, call 65143463 .

Testimonials from Parents and ParticipantsGiven below is a partial list of testimonials. As per our policy, we do not disclose the names of children to protect their privacy and ensure their safety online.

I am really grateful for your help. My daughter has improved a lot. You have taught a real life skill here! She has been voted as councilor now, and have done few talks at school :). She has been promoted to express stream. I think the whole confidence thing that you taught, has helped her overcome her shyness.

Father of Secondary 1 student from CHIJ Katong Convent

Thanks for your magic! My daughter really loved all the sessions and she speaks confidently now. I am pretty sure things will change from now for the better.

Parent of a 13-year old participant

Glad we sent him here. He learnt a life skill.

Parent of a 11-year old participant

Initially we were not sure whether or not to send our son to your camp as it was his PSLE year and he was not doing very well in his studies. We were getting complaints from his teachers. We are delighted that the camp made him to believe in himself and dream bigger. He became more interested and more focused in his studies. He scored A* for all subjects and to us that is a miracle.

Father of PSLE student who later scored among the top 3 in his school

If I could I want to spend my entire holidays in this public speaking camp. It is super awesome! I learnt a lot and will never repeat my old mistakes during school presentations.

Grade 6 student of UWCSEA


A trainer in our locality conducts public speaking workshops. Initially I was planning to send my daughter there. That’s when I heard about this camp. You guys were truly professional, right from the moment I called to enquire.  You did not force me to register. You took time to explain everything. You didn’t use any pressure selling tactics. Each day she came home raving about the camp and told me everything she learnt. I could see her transformation when I watched her graduation speech. Moreover, after her graduation speech you took time to talk to parents, answer all our questions and told us about what exactly we need to do next. These days, my daughter eagerly looks forward to school presentations and speaking. The camp was worth every cent I spent. Truly professional and invaluable. I appreciate that you spare your time to teach children this valuable skill.

Mother of Secondary student from Yu Neng Primary

I am now READY to go on ANY stage.

A 13-year old participant

I want to speak to 2000 people!

A 11-year old participant

You do not focus on ‘teaching’ the child, you focus on ‘transforming’ the child. That’s what makes your camp special. I will surely send my elder son too for the next camp.

Parent of a 13 year old

My daughter has never been to such a course. She has never experienced such a fun way to learn. After every class she will go to her friend next door and for the next 3 hours she will share what she learned that day! I regret not sending my other daughter for this camp

Mother of a 12 year old from CHIJ Katong Primary

Ever since my son became a teenager, it has been hard to make him focus on his studies. So I was surprised to see him diligently prepare and practice his speeches for the public speaking camp. It was as if he suddenly became possessed by something.

Mother of a student from Victoria School


Call the Kidz Parade at 65143463 to register. For email queries, please click here.

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Initially I thought it would be another enrichment program and didn’t expect much, but I always wanted to provide some value education for my children. I strongly believe as a parent that’s best thing we can do for our children.

My son was a bit shy and doesn’t open up in school classes freely, so I was worried this might have a negative impact on his higher education and career.

I was so amazed at the level of confidence and smile on his face on the first day when he returned home from the camp. I was very satisfied that my decision wasn’t wrong.

Yes, my decision wasn’t wrong when I saw him on the final day in the class room presenting his topic clearly with confidence in front of other parents and students.

Once again thank you for organising this event..!

I would recommend this camp to others because it builds confidence of the child to speak in front of wide audience and it helps children to prepare and present the topics on their own.

Parent of 14 year old student

I really liked that the kids were free to choose their own topics and developed their  speeches themselves. Taking them through the iterative process of fine-tuning  their speech as well as their body language taught them an important lesson
and gave them the opportunity to practice all the tricks Manoj shared with
them. My daughter for example held fabulous eye contact with the audience on
the last day which she would have previously avoided.

I really thought there should be more than one of those  sessions to make the new skills a habit and give the new found confidence some  deeper roots. Hence, I really appreciate the idea of monthly follow-up  sessions and all the other follow-up ideas you mentioned in your email!  Yes, I would definitely recommend this camp to others.  Exposure, drill and gentle pressure to deliver and apply all the practical
tips on how to deliver a good speech

Uli Badibanga, Germany