Anyone can think!

However, only a few can express their thoughts effectively!

Thought Expressions is a global initiative to equip people around the world with the ability to express their thoughts – clearly, confidently and convincingly, so that they can connect, communicate, lead and influence the world in a positive way.




“Lot of valuable thoughts, ideas and views, are never told, never heard, never understood and therefore lost for ever. If more people could think better, express their valuable thoughts better with clarity, confidence and conviction, it could positively change their lives and make our world a better place. Thought Expressions is a catalyst that boosts your confidence, your competence and your contribution to the world around you.”

~Manoj Vasudevan, Founder of Thought Expressions movement. Ranked amongst the top 100 speakers in the world. Author and Transformation Coach. MBA, Imperial College London, 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking

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