BBC World News: In conversation with Manoj Vasudevan

BBC World News: In conversation with Manoj Vasudevan, 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking    

8 To-Dos to make this your best year ever!

Why is that some people achieve their goals and others not? What could make you happy, accomplished and contented by the end of each year? Here are some useful resources for you that I picked up over the years – my top 8 learnings – that immensely helped me to shift my perspective, energise my days and make quantum leaps to…

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What if you had the courage to be yourselves

Last week I met a senior banker who told me this. “If I was not working in this organization, I would be poorer, but I could be myself.” This is a common concern I hear most people I meet. What they say and do is not in line with what they want to say and do. It reminded me of the…

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When Engineers start to talk

When engineers start to talk….

In many societies, there’s an established notion that “Engineers can’t talk”. This had led to generations of engineers feeling inadequate, incomplete and inferior. Some organisations even stereotype engineers as too analytical, too logical, too dull, too dry, too impractical and just not useful for Senior management. Why? because  Engineers can’t talk. I am an engineer too. I have observed this notion…

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The Techie’s dilemma – Persuade, Pushback or Perish???

If you are a techie, been a techie or seen a techie – you can relate to the video below. Stay ready to convey, persuade, push back  OR perish under the truckload of meaningless effort. What do you think?

7 barriers that might be preventing your career progression

{Written by Manoj Vasudevan, Next Level Leadership Expert and World Champion of Public Speaking. Author of Mastering Leadership The Mousetrap Way} Last week I met a friend of mine after many years. During our conversation, Sarah (name changed) mentioned how frustrated she was in her current job at a large multinational company. “I have been working diligently for 3 years;…

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